High Performance

DP - Solid Carbide Drills for Universal (Reinforce Shank)

DP series was engineered as a solution to the commonly issues during high production drilling.

.Superior accuracy and rigidity
.High penetration rate
.Excellent hole quality
.Longer tool life
.Optimized geometry design
.Excellent chip control

DD - Solid Carbide Drills for Deep Hole (Reinforce Shank)

The DD series are designed to significantly reduce drilling cycle times in a vast variety of materials. With double margin design can provide high stability and rigidity to produce outstanding hole quality.

.Superior accuracy and rigidity
.Excellent hole quality
.Precise cutting performance
.Longer tool life
.Optimized geometry design

DL - Solid Carbide Drills for Mini Hole (Reinforce Shank)

DL series drill provides high accuracy micro hole machining.

.Unique geometry design for micro hole drilling.
.High accuracy hole quality and better tool life.
.Easy-to-regrinding design.
.Reliable tools quality and competitive price.

DM - Solid Carbide Drills for Stainless Steel (Reinforce Shank)

DM series drill provides the best solution for difficult‐to‐machine material (Stainless Steel).

.Unique SINIX coating provides toughness and high temperature resistance.
.Better tools life and lower machining cost.
.Optimized tools geometry improves chips evacuation.

DH - Solid Carbide Drills for Hardened (Reinforce Shank)

The DH carbide drill, suitable for Nickel alloys that present a unique set of challenges that need a steady feed rate. The DH with its radial cutting edge provides an improves shearing action, with its ultra-hard SINIX coating that has high heat and wear resistance which keeps the cutting edge sharp and intact. It provides longer tool life in nickel alloys and hardened steels.

DA - Solid Carbide Drills for Straight Fulte

Our straight flute carbide drills "DA" are widely used in valve, automotive and Industries that use high silicon content cast aluminum, cast iron and short chipping brass. Our DA are only effective in machining materials that naturally create a short chip and better finishing quality. This is due to our straight flute.

DZ - Solid Carbide Drills for Step Hole

DZ carbide high performance step hole drill with unique internal coolant. Drilling and chamfering two in one.
Special for drill a hole with a counterbore, countersink or chamfer.

.Step angle 90°
.With or without coolant
.Reinforced shank
.UNIX Coating
.Tolerance h7
.For Steel, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel and Cast Iron.

General Purpose

DG - Solid Carbide Drills for General Purpose (Straight Shank)

The DG series is economical choice for general purpose application. The friction and heat can be reduced by no margin design, in addition with the UNIX coating, tool life is able to extended.

.Economic price
.Longer tool life
.Optimized geometry design

DT - Solid Carbide Drills for Spotting

DT Spotting Drills all purpose Standard Spotting provides accurate and well finish spotting concave hole before drilling. It can also be use for chamfering purpose at the tip at 45° or 60°.

.Available in 90° and 120°
.Available in long shank
.UNIX Coating
.Tolerance h7
.For Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel and Cast Iron.

DC - Solid Carbide Drills for Centering

For standard centering and chamfering purpose we introduce our DC centering Drill. With 120° tip angle and 60° and 90° Countersink angle it provides a very high quality and good finish centering and chamfering action.

.With the cutting edges on both sides
.Good chip ejection
.UNIX Coating
.Tolerance h7
.For Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel and Cast Iron.